Use our sortable fantasy basketball schedule grid for the 2016-2017 season to see how many times an NBA team is playing in any given week. You can also use our alternative schedule grid, intended for fantasy basketball players who have an extended week 17.

Atlanta Hawks2434443334334433224434432
Boston Celtics3334344343333443324434332
Brooklyn Nets3334333433443443223444432
Charlotte Hornets3243444424424433233434432
Chicago Bulls2444234344353424223444332
Cleveland Cavaliers3333334343433434224443442
Dallas Mavericks3324434434334334224343442
Denver Nuggets2443434333415344233434342
Detroit Pistons3344444334342244223443432
Golden State Warriors3343435342424433224434432
Houston Rockets3334434434444433123433432
Indiana Pacers3344424434314434323434432
Los Angeles Clippers2444442444423333233445322
Los Angeles Lakers3443444443443233223343432
Memphis Grizzlies3424444434433343223343441
Miami Heat3234444434423434224433432
Milwaukee Bucks3423334334434433224444432
Minnesota Timberwolves2343444244343344223443342
New Orleans Pelicans3344434433333434233343432
New York Knicks2434344333444434124424441
Oklahoma City Thunder3344433343442443224333442
Orlando Magic3343444433434343223433432
Philadelphia 76ers2344444323334434224434432
Phoenix Suns3443424334424344224434431
Portland Trail Blazers3444424434334332223544332
Sacramento Kings3533343433433434223443432
San Antonio Spurs4333434343333434223443442
Toronto Raptors2434343424434443224343441
Utah Jazz3444244333533424224343432
Washington Wizards2343334433434433224444432

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